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Become a Lifelong Learner

When learning is fun, children make emotional connections and become lifelong learners!

Make the most of each day with your child by using these hands-on activities for each school subject.  These activities are perfect for teachers and homeschool families but can be accomplished by any family on school nights, weekends, or during breaks!  You can choose to focus on areas your child excels or the subjects where they struggle (or a mix of both!).

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For better or worse, technology is now a part of our everyday life.  As parents and educators, it is our job to balance real world experiences with technological skills necessary to thrive in today's society.  

Each subject above will offer a few videos/tv shows, mobile apps, and websites you can incorporate into your child or student's learning.  These tools can definitely add some fun and excitement to your child's day.  Just don't forget to limit use and never completely replace hands-on-learning with an easy technological solution!

For more information and research on technology use for children, check out this article by Tech Advisor.